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Hey - - - - I'm shy and am now working on self esteem (and you think that I'd get over that 30 years ago) and am just working with some CCI modules. One is accepting yourself and has a list of positive things to do for yourself.

The following is a list of activities that might be pleasurable for you. Feel free to add your own pleasurable

activities to the list.

1. Soaking in the bathtub

2. Planning my career

3. Collecting things (coins, shells, etc.)

4. Going for a holiday

5. Recycling old items

6. Relaxing

7. Going on a date

8. Going to a movie

9. Jogging, walking

10. Listening to music

11. Thinking I have done a full day’s work

12. Recalling past parties

13. Buying household gadgets

14. Lying in the sun

15. Planning a career change

16. Laughing

17. Thinking about my past trips

18. Listening to others

19. Reading magazines or newspapers

20. Hobbies (stamp collecting, model building,


21. Spending an evening with good friends

22. Planning a day’s activities

23. Meeting new people

24. Remembering beautiful scenery

25. Saving money

26. Gambling

27. Going to the gym, doing aerobics

28. Eating

29. Thinking how it will be when I finish school

30. Getting out of debt/paying debts

31. Practising karate, judo, yoga

32. Thinking about retirement

33. Repairing things around the house

34. Working on my car (bicycle)

35. Remembering the words and deeds of loving


36. Wearing sexy clothes

37. Having quiet evenings

38. Taking care of my plants

39. Buying, selling stocks and shares

40. Going swimming

41. Doodling

42. Exercising

43. Collecting old things

44. Going to a party

45. Thinking about buying things

46. Playing golf

47. Playing soccer

48. Flying kites

49. Having discussions with friends

50. Having family get-togethers

51. Riding a motorbike

52. Sex

53. Playing squash

54. Going camping

55. Singing around the house

56. Arranging flowers

57. Going to church, praying (practising religion)

58. Losing weight

59. Going to the beach

60. Thinking I’m an OK person

61. A day with nothing to do

62. Having class reunions

63. Going ice skating, roller skating/blading

64. Going sailing

65. Travelling abroad, interstate or within the


66. Sketching, painting

67. Doing something spontaneously

68. Doing embroidery, cross stitching

69. Sleeping

70. Driving

71. Entertaining

72. Going to clubs (garden, sewing, etc.)

73. Thinking about getting married

74. Going birdwatching

75. Singing with groups

76. Flirting

77. Playing musical instruments

78. Doing arts and crafts

79. Making a gift for someone

80. Buying CDs, tapes, records

81. Watching boxing, wrestling

82. Planning parties

83. Cooking, baking

84. Going hiking, bush walking

85. Writing books (poems, articles)

Hey - the list is here; has nearly 200 things. Pick one. But, I know just how hard even doing some simple things are, things that

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You start spitting numbers at me, and I'll be forced to shoot on sight.

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Find something that you like to do and do it.

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I like to play the sims, but im starting to feel pathetic....

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Why? message me if you like

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Can't you talk to math nerds when you don't have school work to do?

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I'm shy.... i go to church with one girl i met on Sundays but outside that i am a dud.... the worst part I'm not religious...

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Well, you should stop going to church immediately and find some nerds to hang out with.

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Im going with one of the nerds that works in the math lab at my school.... its hard because i am a dork as opposed to a nerd. Im aspiring to be a nerd but not quite there.....

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Where do you find such nerds?

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The mathlab sounds like a good place, or if there is a local observatory, that might be a good place too.

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That sounds awesome!!!

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Get a beer and TV like we all do (kidding)

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Find a job in programming and talk to more math nerds like my brother

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