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I have been observing this for quite sometime now. At the start of every relationship , there comes a period when we exchange our phone numbers and start chatting with each other. All the initial chats contain hell lott of smileys even for the smallest and the minute gesture, something like "Hiii :) :D " , " FREE TODAY ? :P " , " GUD MORNING :D :D" . This exaggerated use of smileys eventually start vanishing once we get to know each other . A gesture which was once " Hiii !! :) :D " gradually becomes " Hiii..." . Does that mean that we stop expressing ourselves through messages anymore?? OR Does it mean that we are not as interested in the person as we were before?? or is it just that the opposite person understands you much better than before ?? OR IS IT JUST ME, THIS THING HAPPENS WITH ?? :o
theDrifterr theDrifterr 18-21, M 5 Answers Dec 8, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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it doesnt bother me when the smiley faces arent as much anymore because I have gotten to know the person and know that if they dont put smiley faces 1) i know who they are and how they feel about me 2)maybe they are just in a hurry 3)i only stay in contact with people who love me and support me.. so "no smiley faces" doesnt bother me

Best Answer happens with me..i mean i am always expressive..but the ppl i tend to speak to become less expressive..m sometimes it actually makes me wonder if it is good to be that expressive :(

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