we had a conversation involving me posting a statement saying \"i posted a picture of a butt plug on my mums facebook page\" no before you call me an immature little sh*t i did it as a joke and i only did it once. he then went on to chastise me for it at the end of the conversation he blocked me. he said he was a real man and i was a fool and a child. thats big coming from a 55 year old man (yes i checked his profile) he then said he feels contaminated by my presence. the way i see it he is acting like a child refusing to take my apology (i didnt exactly say sorry i explained why i did it and i only did it once) he even said i violated my mother. what kind of sick man says that over a joke ? it was a small joke she even laughed at it then deleted it
hiro1178 hiro1178 16-17, M 1 Answer Dec 12, 2013 in Community

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no pick on Micky.

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why not he just said i violated my mother and he acted like a 5 year old when i tried to apologize

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