I went to the hospital a few days ago and since then I have been lying to everyone I know about purging I hate this. But I can't stand the feeling or even talking about recovery I feel sick just thinking about it . I'm not ready yet and I know if I do it it won't last long from experice. And if I do start recovery it's only for my parents which is no good.
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This will be hard on your parents too,they don't want to see you destroy yourself.

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Just posting this on here .. is a cry for help. Why not just help yourself .. and put all of this in your past.

You have parents who love you and want the best for you ... not everyone has that in their lives.

You deserve the best in life ... so please let someone help you. You have so much to look forward to ...

Good Luck!!

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I believe that you need to believe in yourself.

I speak from some experience with anorexia, though I do not purge, I feel the urge to.

I have the inner urge to ever lose more weight. I am 5'8" and 132. Want to weigh 120, but inside I really want to weigh 110.

I know that these are unrealistic goals due to the damage that they will cause me because I have a BS in PreMed.

I know that this is difficult because I used to cause my brother to cry when he knew I selfharmed (cut).

I still "indulge" because I haven't got help, but, I have reached internal agreements that I will not do anything too severe.

I want you to succeed at defeating your enemies, but I understand the internal need to control.

Perhaps you can agree to not go below the minimum "normal" Body Mass Index for your height.

Don't know if these options will work for you, but something is better than nothing.

Be Well and Walk In Beauty,


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I've been there, babe. You really need to recover for your own sake. There seems to be so much more pressure on girls these days, more so than when I was your age. The sooner you relax around food, the sooner you'll beat this. I've done untold damage to my body through an eating disorder.

You're probably a perfectionist and it's so hard for you to accept yourself. You need to start by being kind to yourself. What would you say to a friend who was slowly killing herself, like this? I hope you get the help and support you need.

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