Well, firstly nothing is risk free, and an uncovered BJ is no exception. HIV is very very unlikely but other STD's possible. Covered (ie condom) blow jobs are pretty unexciting and would form far less than 1% of all m2m bjs). Over many years of receiving bjs I have only once caught an infection, quickly fixed with antibiotics. So how do you decide to take a calculated risk? My advice would be to make sure you have voice contact with this person before you meet and use your judgement. This isn't an exact science of course but it kills two birds with one stone. If a phone call makes you uneasy don't proceed. If you feel ok after a chat - it might be because you feel convinced about his DDF status but also that you click. Being sucked by someone you are nervous about isn't any fun!<br />
<br />
So what I am saying is...use yr intuition.

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