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Pills usually build up in the organs and is rarely will benefit you, even if it is a suicide attempt, most fail but organ damage is done. Depending on the pills and the condition of your body, you will probably just get constipated, dehydrated, and feel laggy for a while. If it's for pain, you will need to dry out for a couple of weeks if you use too many in a day since (besides above factors) you will be growing a tolerance for them and they will work less but do just as much damage to your body and some can stay in your systems for quite a while which also means it can affect a pregnancy or breast milk as well as hormones.

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It would probably make you very sick, like food poisoning.

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I would say this depends largely on the type of pills you took...

If we're talking about laxatives, for example, and you took a lot of them yesterday, then the worst is probably behind you now, no pun intended.

Buuuuut I guess this is about suicide, right? Message me if you want to talk. I can't help but I'll listen for a bit.

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Well that would depend wouldn't it ?

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