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1.swap postcards all over the world (make friends if not a rassist or nationalist LOL)

I recommend it , because I do it and I have a great collection of awesome places postcards from all over the world.

2.create a blog and share your thoughts, ideas ...create beautiful things, take photos and share everything on that website or blog.

3. Yoga.Meditation. Oh...I was laughing when my girlfriend offered me a vaucher on yoga class with her...then I went again and again...that is SO damn relaxing...!so, I recommend!

4.Some extreme? Parasailing, climbing..hunting...just choose whatever is more appropriate to you.

5.Theatre, cinema, out for a cup of coffee with friends? :)

Last week we went to a 5D cinema...that was so funny! I really really recommend.

Well...I can continue this list to infinite, LOL...because I always find something to do.

Wish you all the best.

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You like working out?

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part time work?

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No...12 hr 84 hrs in a "week"

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i was about painting?

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I did enjoy watching the Bob Ross Painting show (RIP Bob)

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