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There are always theories. And always people who KNOW the answer for sure. Like how they knew that the gov't had seen them on radar for years, and denied it, until our F-117 stealth fighter made the news. Strangely, overnight, the story they all claimed to have proof of evaporated. The new story was "the reason our gov't hasn't seen them is because the aliens are using stealth technology." Gollllly, shazam, well, I'll be. Them there aliens is a clever bunch, ain't they, but we know fer sure they're out there, just like we know the gov't is covering it up.

Listen, we already have the technology to snoop around on this planet without using something huge, radar-reflecting, terribly obvious or invasive. And our technology in that respect will certainly improve manyfold before we have the technology to send it light-years away. And why would we waste time, resources and money sending something big with flashing lights and stuff to scare more primitive people when we could send stuff that could do all the snooping we wanted in a package the size of vitamin pill?

Our galaxy being so vast, why would any civilization go about this while not being as cautious as they could possibly be? Are any of them positive there isn't some planet in the galaxy that harbors a race far more advanced, that might be willing to pounce on a planet less sophisticated if they detected them snooping around? Civilizations anywhere have to learn not to go around doing stupid, risky things if they want to endure through time. Plenty of them on Earth have already failed to do so and have bitten the dust. Our own is already giving me doubts as to its longevity.

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Hmmm - sorry I can't talk about that - during my time at the MOD and on detachment to DOD (Area XX) - I can't say 51 we are supposed to deny it exists - we interviewed some aliens - I mean "visitors"

They said they had been studying the human race for years, and that they regularly come here to study wide spread conflict (like thanskgiving) and gift giving - like black plastic trash bags

OK seriously ................

1) There are trillions of planets in thousands of galaxies, so statistically the odds are on intelligent life eveloping out there somewhere.

2) It is likely that some of those life forms are more advanced than us and have developed deep space travel

3) We broadcast so much crap (satelite, TV, Radio, plus radar, and electical interfeence) that it must be defening the wole galaxy. I am surprised they have not dropped by to say can you turn it down a bit please we are trying to sleep.

4) There are things that seem at current understanding and technology knowledge seem impossible or at least mind boglingy difficult to explain if it wasnt little space men. Aztec gigantic stones built into walls - stones that we could not move today. Nasca lines in peru - apparently only visible from an aircraft. The pyramids etc.

5) I have an open mind and usually watch a documentary if I see one to see if anyone has learned any more

6) Crashed UFO's reverse engineering and area 51. Most early sightings can be put down to tests of propotype supersonic aircraft. X craft, blackbird and what is it they call the latest place that they say doesnt exist the "pulse jet" or something.

7) So a lot of the UFO sightings are reasonable & explainable.

8) All governments are paranoid - and they all assume the public is stupid. They have and will continue to missinform, misdirect etc to cover up what they are doing, At the same time there are a lot of what appear to be UFO "cooks" out there who seem to want to inflame and distort things with crazy stories (I saw one that Hitler met aliens they took him to their base inside the planet earth - the entrance being at the south pole, but they also have exits and entrances in some places in the oceans)

9) Why is it that all abuctees talk about the small skinny grey's with big eyes. No green blobs, no robot snakes, no clouds of intelligent gas, just greys? Why is it that there are some really silly UFO stories out there? The reason is there are some cooks, and governments are quite happy to seed other silly stories to mask their real activities. As long as somebody claims something like the hitler story above, all UFO stories will be dismissed as ramblings of mad people.

Bottom line - I am pretty sure there is other intelligent life out there. With all of our broadcasts they cannot help but to have heard us and know where we are. They may well have visited. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that one or two of them crashed here and governments have got those craft

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continued --- so govenements re building newer faster, higher flying, sub orbital or orbital aircraft, and they are keen to keep that secret. Could they be basin that on crashed spacecraft - could be.
I think the main thing they are hiding is a huge and long term bluff, double bluff, misinformation, denaial and ridicule - to divert attention from black ops that are developing new aircraft.
Do the spacemen visit us - maybe

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That's a very thorough response.

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No, I don't agree with your point about the signals we've sent into space. Our signals are so weak that they're lost in the noise of space. In comparison, did you know that if we were in line with the gamma ray burst from the poles of a black hole, that all life would be oblitereated from our planet, even from light years away? Now THAT'S a powerful transmission. Our signals won't be an issue. :)

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Be realistic. There are no UFO's if you mean those originating from other star systems. There is no government cover-up because there are no flying saucers, or whatever you want to call them.

However, I do believe that there is life out there. They are unlikely to be advanced to the point of space travel beyond their own star system. The nearest star is several light years away so it would take that many years to reach us if they could travel at light speed (warp 1 for us Star Trek fans), which is impossible because it would take an infinite amount of energy to travel that fast. Can you imagine taking a space voyage that lasted even for only 5 years? It would be cold and dark outside all the way so you'd need to store enough food and water to survive, and a generator to power your lights, PC, DVD player, CD player, and such. There would be no Internet, no broadcast TV, no radio stations, no cell phone service, and so forth.

What reason would anyone have to take such a trip??? It would not be cost-effective or practical. You'd have to be sure that earth is right for you to live on. How could you analyze its atmosphere from 5 light years away? Even at half light speed it would take about a decade to reach us. With no sunlight to grow plants on board, the vehicle would need to be huge and contain everything you needed to grow food, raise animals, and basically be a small planet. There would be no gravity to let you stand up either. There is no good reason to take such a long voyage except to colonize another planet. It's far easier to stay on your own planet. Travel by yourself would require the least amount of supplies. Adding one more to the crew would double all needs. It's just not practical. That's why I can tell with complete confidence that aliens from another world have not been here.

It's all a big hoax just like crop circles. I knew that crop circles were man-made even before learning that they were a hoax.

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I don't believe that they have to be alien craft, but I do think people are seeing something real and have been for a very long time. I mean the term foo fighter predates our ability to create such craft. I think it's perfectly possible that a civilization that has been around thousands or millions of years more than us might very well have a better understanding of physics. We only have a few hundred years of study. There's no telling what we might be incorrect, or uninformed about.
Also, If, there's no cover up, they should really stop former astronauts and government officials from saying they've seen things, because gordon cooper, jimmy cater, ronald reagan, buzz aldrin, govenor Fife Symington and numerous other lesser known people have admitted to seeing them.

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Oh! I'm not saying that people aren't seeing things in the air that they don't know what they are. That's the very definition of UFO. I was just saying that to claim they were extraterrestrial life is just nonsense. The universe was born at once and it took a very long time for the stars to be born and for planets to stabilize and form atmospheres that could support life. I like how you think. I wish that you and I could be friends in real life. I would love to chat with you about all that and more! :)

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My grilfriend is from peru by the inca ruins and the lines in the mountains-everyone there has accepted that there are aliens they see them often coming in and out of the oceon, lighting up the whole beach in middle of the night and then darkness with a felt sense of their presence-she visited and brought back a newspaper that shows they found alein skeleton, well humanoid skeletons, but the bones were definantly not human, they even found one with baby and placenta-they all have big holes in the tops of their head,and died with their arms across their chest-she said that everyone there has always thought that incans were not human cuzz of how advanced the ruins are, during earthquicks the building get stronger instead of falling apart--

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interesting perspective

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that's old.,someone posts that everyday....I think it's more helpful to post links documentaries like out of the blue because they can hear from people firsthand that they know

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