Post I swear it's getting to where we can't even leave the house People that sleep around with every Tom, D!ck and Harry need to take note...
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I believe he will get off on a technicality he has a LOW IQ

300 partners what a load of bullshit I thought it was illegal to sleep with farm animals

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A few years ago we had a nice, quiet girl who stayed with us for several months.

She started to look not at all well and went back to her country.

A couple of days after she left my wife gave me a document to scan and email to the girls sister. The document was a medical report which contained the chilling words :

HIV A - Positive

HIV B -Positive

The girl had an eighteen month old child who was also infected.

She ended up in a specialist hospital by now unable to walk. Her only way of communicating with the outside world was by her mobile phone.

Until someone stole it

What a sad world we live in

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So sad :(

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What an evil b*stard... They should just give him the death penalty and not waste tax payers money keeping him in jail...

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Gosh! 300 individuals?

$250 000 for those individuals ($833 for each?) or for the court?

What an evil?!!

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very sad...

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ah it was gay sex , that explains how the number can be so high

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right on top of that one rose =)

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Thinning of the herd and all that.

What a sad way to live.

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how did he do that?

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We don't have a gun problem in the world we have a mental health problem in the world.

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