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How long did it take you to achieve your runners body? I have been running on an off for the past year but more seriously the past 6 months. And I still feel so far away from it. I cycle for cross training.
xellie5 xellie5 22-25, F 1 Answer Sep 2, 2014 in Health

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As long as you can keep a rhythm going, you can run. Hell, as long as you can get your shoes on and get out the door, it doesn't matter what your body looks like. If you don't think you're the best you you can be, just take comfort in the fact that you're getting better every day.

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I know it shouldn't matter. I was just hoping to read people experiences. I have been doing better in terms of changing the way i eat too. At first I saw weight gain but lately i seemed to have managed to drop and keep off 10 pounds. Thanks for the encouragement! :]

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