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tired and hungry.. will one high day be bad i also hear its good to go different calories its not so high yesterday was 2200 and today is 2814 not to bad but i'm on low carb too so like 11 carbs today too I just woke up 4am ate breakfast. and lunch 10:30 starving at each meal and now i just know i can't last the whole day without food its 2:30 and i'm arlready craving food even drinking water doesn't help been drinking alot is it ok ot vary calories and ok for today to go up hgih and get back on track tomorrow and if its ok to change calories up like once while for metabolism speed
natosha120 natosha120 22-25 2 Answers Aug 1, 2012

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naw it's gotta take at least 2 days,, don't ya think ??

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Child Please!..Eat a Big Mac or something

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