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and awareness, since MOST action "tendencies" as I like to call them actually precede cognitive and even emotional reactions and/or responses, even in acute situations, especially in those, so once this by and large learned "acute" response takes over time and again in terms of movement, does it not validate the great necessity of movement therapy to re-do, re-contruct, and re-learn a more "adaptive" physical movement - reaction or response when the adaptive had not worked for so long? Would it not make sense to incorporate this more in the therapeutic setting, seeing how it does precede? I do get that some may not comprehend what I am asking and also, some are to ill or cannot reach the level I am asking one to reach in this seemingly simple, yet very complex question! Please, I just ask you to be open and honest with your answer, based on your own experience, others' as well, and also on knowledge, they are all important!
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I would not expect too many intelligent replies in this section sweetheart! X

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