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The danger of fighting for the rights of a group is that rights aren't earned by groups, they are earned as individuals. People can hide in groups so eventually it attracts the weak and undisciplined, who twist it's original purpose towards opportunistic, and then parasitic objectives. This is true for any group, born of necessity and pragmatism, dies of bloat and dysfunction.

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Positive. But for the ones (male and female) that are threatened by female liberation, then obviously positive. Losers.

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I have had my butt kicked on numerous occasions ... and liked it

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I feel true feminism has had an overall positive effect on society. I also added the word true in front of feminism because I choose to differentiate true feminism from the feminazis out there.

One are where feminism has benefited me as a man is in the work place. The changes are not perfect. However, laws have been written over the past 40 to 50 years preventing discrimination in the work place. Though we can argue over the merits of affirmative action, how I feel that feminism has improved the work place is that it has become more difficult to have a good ol' boy system. Yes, I work at a facility that is very much a good ol' boy network. However, I can guarantee you that if we had more women or minorities working there, that good ol' boy network would be gone. Tomorrow.

Feminism has also benefited me in the work place by fighting to create sexual harassment laws. I am personally not opposed to ****, swearing, or vulgar behavior. However, I do feel there is a time and a place for such actions. A work place is not one of those times or places. Though one would think sexual harassment laws benefit women only, I've seen situations where male co-workers have benefited from the laws.

I could go on with other examples. I could also cite examples where affirmative action laws are totally messed up. However, true feminism would detest affirmative action laws as much as I do.

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Honestly... (i know).. I think it has had some negative and positive effects on women. I love how empowered women are becoming to take charge of their lives and to discuss and voice their own personal beliefs.. however, I have known way too many feminists (and lived with them) to see how hypocritical many of their beliefs are..

In essence, I think people are people and everyone should be given equal rights. If you're a chick that's too f@#*in' lazy to take out the garbage, then so be it.

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