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Reading news articles, personal experiences. By the way, one nerd (he was 19 years old, 19! how pathetic indeed) actually thought doggy-paddling was swimming, and he jumped off a seawall at night and in zero degree January temperatures to reach a bottle that had fell in and then drowned. He was a stereotypical 'nerd' physically and mentally, and is a good example. They think doggy-paddling 20 feet is swimming it is not. Every nerd I know has the inability to swim, and is hydrophobic. (phobia of water) I have numerous others. Nerds really aren't as smart as they think, if they had the decency they would've learnt themselves unless perhaps almost every nerd out there has a drowning fetish. Aside from lacking the ability to swim, something even a DOG could do (nerds; are you lower than a DOG?) they can't SOCIALIZE, they can't even TALK properly, whose to say these people SHOULDN'T be in SPECIAL ED.
WayneHowells WayneHowells 18-21, M 2 Answers Nov 12, 2011

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not all nerds are failures, you shouldnt judge them

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That he will be a failure at all aspects of life in YOUR eyes. I couldn't be prouder.

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