Today is the worst day of my life and I wish I never asked. He told me he has nose bleeds and he said he had one that lasted two HOURS and he lost half a PINT of blood, now if the news stories about people bleeding to death from nosebleeds have told me anything he could have two in a day and lose a whole pint of blood or more and he could die one day. Suicide seems like a good option right now.
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Ummm... I'd say his day was just a tad worse than yours!! You have my sympathy BUT .. you are not the one dying. Suck it up and be strong for your friend .. I'd say he needs you there for him a whole lot more than he needs the worry that you might do something stupid because of what HE is going through.

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Without him,. I have nobody.

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Already did. I've read medical books and news articles already no need to click on the link.
EPISTAXIS = Fatal, very normal to lose 5 pints of blood. NORMAL

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