I didn't want "EJ" to live with us in the FIRST place. My partner invited them in one weekend while I was working out of town. He has multiple arrests, and is an absolute leech. This "man" (I use the term loosely, because I consider part of manhood responsibility and work ethic) does little to nothing around the house, doesn't help with bills - And spends all day watching TV or on the internet. Occasionally - He gets money from my spouse and blows it on dope and booze. I still love my partner DEARLY - But I have two younger kids of my own - And have to put them first. Going to a family law specialist tomorrow (Wed 9/5)...
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Guess what stranger

You been put there by the lord to help

This frustrated boy don't run away from him

It is hard for everyone who is raised by a single parent

By taking drugs he is trying to get over it as he is got many unanswered questions inside affecting the boy.

All you need is to assist your spouse if you truly love her.

Assess the boy and find out what is it that boders him the most ,then it will be a turning point in your life

The boy follow and you'll lead

But first you need to win his heart

You don't quit when tested

And you can't quit a loving lady just because you are tested

Face the reality

If you love someone then you must love her problems too

Fix your stepson

Make him your beloved son

I was raised by my mom I never hear anything about my dad

Guess what my stepfather came to my rescue I'm grown up but if I'm not sure I ask my stepfather who is my father

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The answer is a camping trip...Two go out into the woods and one comes back.

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do whats best for u and ur little ones. He should understand and see it through ur eyes. He should put him out or get him help

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She is enabling his behaviour....difficult one. Help her understand what's actually best for this man...enabling his helplessness and sense of entitlement or allowing him experience the consequences of becoming a man able to look agter himself..tough love. If She does not address this problem then you may have to enforce tough love with her

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Drag your SO to marriage counseling. He needs some serious help if he thinks that this situation is okay.

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Tough call. If stepson has no interest in changing his life, lay the law out to him and your spouse. If your marriage is strong enough, spouse will respond. I hope you don;t have to resort to all out divorce. I almost did. Father in law lived with us, and was a leech in every way. He wouldn't cook his own meals, do his laundry, nothing. He was on welfare.

My wife used to get defensive when I complained about him, but he went too far one day, acting badly around my children, and I gave him a week to be out, and very loudly. Wife stayed out of it. He was gone the next day. I would have left though, as in divorce, if my wife allowed him to stay.

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hit on him and then when you have him hooked, tell him your just messing with him so you could tell him to get a job.

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