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same story, here. It's quite annoying. I am obese, and I still get told I look 2 or 3 years younger! For a woman, that's quite exasperating. Usually being fat makes you look older.

But it runs in the family. My parents and older sister all look about 10 years younger than they are. My father will turn 61 this year, and still has a full mane of brown hair! Well, he started getting a few gray hairs a couple of years ago.

This only becomes an advantage after you turn 30, I think. I am 23 and get told I look 20. When I was 17, I got mistaken for a 13 year old.

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Shouldn't worry about it shunny

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You don't look a day over 100 :-P

Me I look about 14 and prolly act it some of the time

Best Answer! I dont think so.. lol

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.... doubtful

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