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We are not alone as long as there are people with whom we communicate regularly.

But since every human is diffrent and ever-changing, you cannot expect with 100% certainity that relationships won't break up or friends won't ever stop clicking together.

You can't expect finding someone with the exact same interests, AND expect they'll understand you at everything, AND never change, AND never leave. It can happen, but it's incredibly rare to "click together" at everyghing. Heck, sometimes we cannot even trust our own self to support and understand us. Also, you can't expect from others to be gods of understanding, since everyone has their own way of thought.

In the end, I'd suggest to just enjoy the company, and don't give up easily on fun people :)

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right on

! I just wrote that in my upcoming book. You are good. We are not alone, especially in the fact that we all feel the same.

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What are facts without human interaction?

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holy crap i'm confused

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no...your alone, all alone, no one is connected to you, your spiritual being isnt enclosed with all others, no matter how you twist, turn, or word it, alone means alone

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My alter ego and I are never alone.

Yes we are!

No we're not.

Yes we are, every time we go to the bathroom!

If you say so.

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we make such a fuss about getting born and dieing alone. if we have at least 60-70 years we got plenty of time to enjoy being with others. birth and deathtake much less.

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Don't make me THINK this

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