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...since idiots will only hate you if you try to help them, should we really make the effort? Should we really care that much for people who care so little for themselves?
indigowitch indigowitch 22-25, F 4 Answers Nov 19, 2011

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no ,they should come their own

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Why should we help those who seek little help for themselves. That is what defines us as humans or rich atmospherical selfish jackasses. Karma rewards all who do things beyond what is expected of them or can be expected. Some people are not as strong willed or hearted as we are or maybe a fear of being a nuissance or scared of loneliness may make these people become isolated from the world. Survival of the fittest is something as humans we are being brainwashed to believe in this. When the world comes to its end theirs a choice where we can believe that we should just kill everybody to prove who stronger or kill those who cage us like animals and regain our sense of dignity. We are not savages, we are no apes, we are sophisticated intelligent human beings and its about time we act like it. screw the law and the government brainwashing the youth and telling people how to act and feel. You decide whether your going to trust them or yourself and those around of gentle kindred spirit. Helping the weak makes us stronger. Becoming powerful and rich is a title given not earned.

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