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This girl I know always does this... Last night we were watching a movie, and she commented on pretty much every person in the movie, saying things like "she's too skinny", "he has really deep set eyes", "she's really pretty", "he looks so old", "he's really ugly", etc. It just ****** me off. Why is it so important? To this girl, it seems to be. She seems to judge everyone and I don't understand why it matters how someone looks. I don't say anything but gawd, it's so vain, I can't stand it. Who else agrees/disagrees?
wrongplanet wrongplanet 22-25, M 3 Answers Feb 24, 2013 in Image & Weight

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People who judge others have issues with themselves. Nit-picking someone else's appearence makes them feel better about their own.

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This makes sense to me.

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