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jpurple347 jpurple347 31-35, F 2 Answers Dec 3, 2012 in Health

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Doctor double checked his stethoscope :D and asked dont you have a heart ?

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Hello, Just forewarn them, and watch their surprise when they listen to your heart for the first time. I've had doctors on the East coast want to do studies on me, and I've had a doctor bring his doctors-in-training in to see me and examine my heart and thump around for my other organs. I've had a stomach x-ray and they had to turn the machine around to the other side of the bed - the only real issue is the fact that a lot of times, doctors and nurses can't read the results from a treadmill test or a heart monitor or machine, since the readouts are reversed, it confuses them. You just have to learn to be patient! ; ))<br />
I'm 69 and am doing ok all these years, except for some bronchitis and sinus problems recently, which may be caused by Karagener Syndrome, which about 25% of situs inversus people get. Research it and you will be more prepared in the future.<br />
Blessings to you,<br />

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