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Through fate/destiny I was brought to Japan to study the language. I've been having small psychic events, I guess you can call them that, and more than anything else I'd like to continue down this path, but I feel very vulnerable as my heart Chakra feels completely open. I'm living alone, trying to pursue this without anyone to talk to, I don't know who to talk to. I'd like to maximize this to it's full extent but I'm lost where to begin. I try to eat all natural foods, meditate at night, keep a positive outlook and enjoy everyone for their differences, but I'm to easily hurt. I'll stop ranting, I hear meditation is key though. Does anyone have any tips on what has helped them? Thank you so much, Trevor
s70toshiro s70toshiro 22-25, M 5 Answers Dec 7, 2012 in Self Improvement

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Aww my friends canadian:D lol<br />
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I'm psychic as well (mother) :D<br />
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Just see what happens don't chase it lol

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I know the answer to this, I have seen it on the television many times. You need night vision goggles or night vision camera. It is very important to have video and audio recording. You must hold the camera, the dizzying affect of the handheld video is the most important key to capturing this psychic experience. Or watch the long island medium on TLC website and do as she does and ask a lot of questions until someone agrees.

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