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xLoveYoux xLoveYoux 18-21 3 Answers Oct 5, 2011

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Horoscopes are just entertainment. Don't take them so seriously. If you get along, you get along; life's complicated enough without adding this silly constraint to it!

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In my personal case (i'm a pisces girl) when i dated an aquarius boy it lasted for a few months, but then we both realized that romantically we were on different pages, but we were really great friends. So after we broke up we just stayed best friends, because we can really count on each other but we wanted different things (connections etc) romantically. I think I liked spending more time together and i like being more lovey dovey, and he just likes being best friendsy. which is cool, but not for me in a relationship, i want more i guess :P so yeah we're just best friends now. its been over 10 years and we're still best friends and dating didn't make anything awkward =] i still love him, and i'm pretty sure there's room somewhere in his heart for me :)<br />
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Like every relationship, the zodiac signs don't really matter as much as the work that goes into it does. So its a good combination if you want it and you work for it. The perfect sign for you doesn't mean its going to magically work out and everything will be perfect. I think it just means you guys will sort of "fit" together quicker or more seamlessly than with a sign you clash with, but in the end, none of this is really proven, its what we believe. and in the end, its the work we put it that determines the benefits we reap

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Thank you for sharing &lt;3
I'm a Pisces girl too. And I've known a guy who's an Aquarius for a while now. We met online. He's very friendly, like an angel. But he's also very romantic. He was so sweet, open and hounest about everything. We fell in love and we were happy together. But after a while I had to end the relationship. Not because of him, but the distence. A couple of months later, he said he missed me a lot. He really did fall in love with me.
But I'm in another relationship now. He's a Cancer boy. We've known each other for a long time. He's sweet and all, but we still have our differences. Which is kind of hard. But.. When I think back at the Aquarius boy, I feel that we're on the same page. We understand each other well. Very confusing..
It's not like I believe in zonadic signs. I think it's interesting. Some of it, I think it's true. I try ti find some zonadic signs personalities that might fit in the human personality of the zonadic sign. To see if it's alike or not, if you know what I mean?

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