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dukeandlucy dukeandlucy 46-50, M 1 Answer Sep 5, 2011

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Hi Yes i have done this, this is how i set it up.<br />
We was staying in Otcho Reios (cant remember how it was spelt ) but was staying in the Grand. They did offer Massage but it was mainly straight but nice though.<br />
On the second week we decide to get a Taxi into Negril and spend a couple of nights there as it looked much nicer and decided to book into Hedenism again not sure of correct spelling but had seen it on TV and looked like a lot of fun.<br />
That evening we sat at the Pool bar in the Nude side having a few drinks chatting to other guys and couples around us by around 11ish my wife wanted to go back to the room to get her bikini as there were lots of couples larking around in the pool. While she was gone a tall single guy sitting at the other end of the small bar from Canada asked if we would mind if he joined us i said sure as long as my wife didnt mind not that i would normally notice but he was also very well endowed which i knew my wife would also notice as soon as she returned.<br />
We got chatting while she was in the room and very soon got onto the subject of her sexy body and if we was into anything, i told him we have never tried but it was a huge turn on for me, although not so sure if she would agree. I told him she loves Massages and had one yesterday at our hotel but didnt really enjoy it as all he done was chat all the time. My new friend immediately offered to give her a truly sensual massage that she would never forget. The thought really excited me so as she returned i quickly told him not to mention anything until she had got to know him better by the end of the night.<br />
As she approached with a huge smile on her face i introduced them and left them to talk whilst i ordered a round of drinks. After an hour or so of heavy drinking i suggested we grab a coffee and take it back to our room as it was now past 3am my wife asked if he would like a coffee with us which of course he did.<br />
It wasn't long before my wife fell asleep on the bed still in her bikini, thinking its now to late for any fun i said sorry to our new friend he smiled and said dont worry do you want a hand getting her in bed and as i was also quite drunk said yes if you dont mind. As he picked her up i pulled the sheets back but as he was laying her down she woke up saying good night, thanks for nice evening so he leant forward giving her what i thought was going to be a little peck but she put her arms around him giving a full blown kiss, as she kissed him i slowly touch her ***** through her bikini bottoms and by her reaction enjoyed it by closing her eyes and moving her hips. our friend started to unclip her top revealing her small but perky ****, as i removed her bottoms he turned her over onto her stomach to start was the most erotic massage i have ever seen. If you want to know where it went from there let me know as i have a few photos of what happened towards the end????

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would love to know how it went and see the pictures! Have done something similar for my wife!

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of course I would love to see the photos.

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