1) I didn't ask to exist (as far as I know), I didn't make my brain, my body, the world and what it contains, I didn't pick the options in front of me that I have to choose from... I can only work with what is in front of me, where is my REAL say in things? 2) Don't people just love us for our functions because once we become a threat they throw us out? So they don't love us, but our beneficial actions towards them? 3) Even in religion don't people just look for eternal self-preservation by molding themselves after an authority figure, who is not better or worse than them but different? 4) Aren't we just objects trapped in our own entity, our own desires, our own life... and in this life trapped in a world we did not choose? 5) Is love a made up concept, since humans just mainly want to control others to be molded unto them, and rejected once unmoldable? 6) How are there so many people alive... why live? :( Can someone please care??? :(
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1) That's the one thing you share with the rest of us: the circumstances of your arrival were random. NO ONE had a say in how they got here. The best you can do is the best you can do, as they say. Play the game in the uniform you were issued.

2) Perhaps, but that's the same reason most people (besides our parents) love us. They see us as an enhancement in their lives, someone whose presence makes their lives happier. Isn't what you'd want in a partner or even a friend ?

3) I'm not a religious person (anymore), but it seems to me that the reason religions exist is because of people trying to sort out the randomness of life.Even if someone else is pulling the strings, if there's some way we can appeal to him/her/it to look favorably upon us by moderating our own behaviour, that gives us some kind of control.

4) See my response to #1.

5) See my response to #2.

6) Again, it's the randomness of life. The short answer is, people are continuing to have babies. The religious would assert this is God's opinion that the world should continue. In any case, what difference does it make ? You are here and it is now. But tomorrow isn't promised. While an unexamined life may not be worth living, Socrates probably didn't mean to examine instead of living it.

And yes, most of us care very much. But we've got other things to do.

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1) Same as the rest of us.

2) No

3) No

4) Yes, but I have cable.

5) No

6). Why not?

And : You first.

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Just sit back and watch people, don't try to change them. For all you know every person on this planet could be a figment of your imagination. Love is an illusion, it just the more you can tolerate someone the more you accept them and feel love for them. It's not that you love someone it's that you can really tolerate them. I can tolerate next to nobody right now. Fact is, just hang in there. Once you start to really figure everything out for yourself you'll realize that none of this really matters.

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1. Your say comes in life, now...what you decide today.

2. That isn't true love, that's just using people.

3. The only one I mold myself after is Jesus, who I know is much better than I.

4. We may not have chosen this world as it is, but, we can decide what to do with it, and about it.

5. Love is definitely not a made up concept, but, it is very hard work and many are not mature enough to handle the investment.

6. Bottom line love is what allows so many to live. Life is a gift to be cherished. Where there is life there is hope.

I hope tomorrow will be happier for you. I'm always willing to talk if you need an ear.

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Erm.. My answer is a little too long to fit in here.. well maybe 3 times the word limit... so i will make a blog entry with all this.

Ok, here is the link, it should take you to my answer, if not, then just go to my profile, look up my blog here and look at the "Superficiallife had a question" post.

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1. Just as we all are. Thrust into a world where the pace is already established. Such is the way of a society that existed before we were born and was forged by individuals who thrived in this environment.

2. One of the differences between like and love is the scope of their meanings. While both like and love do pertain to positive feelings and perceptions towards people, places or even objects, the meaning of like is quite broad, and can be generic in its expression. Quite often, like is a term that is used when comparing two distinct, but similar objects or people. On the other hand, love is quite narrow, and often involves a deep sense of affection towards a particular person, place or object. This being the case, a person who loves another person, place or object, does not often find himself or herself comparing between similar individuals or objects, but rather between more distinct individuals or objects.

Another difference is the investment given by a particular individual. When a person likes something or someone, this is often based on what is immediately seen. As such, the basis of liking something or someone can be rather superficial, and can be felt within a short period of time. On the other hand, a person who loves a person, place or object has invested quite a lot of time with the subject. In effect, love is developed over a longer period of time. In the case between two people, love often develops after spending considerable amount of time with a particular individual.

Finally, there is the level of intimacy. As a person can like another person quite quickly, the relationship can be also considered as new and shallow. That being the case, a person who likes someone can easily change his or her mind within a short period of time, without any regret or ill feelings. On the other hand, because there is more investment given when a person loves someone, the relationship between two individuals can be quite deep. As a result, people who are in this kind of relationship do not just simply change partners. In the event that the relationship ends, the parting can be quite painful, and may take quite a long time for one or both persons to stop feeling love towards the other person. There are also the contrasting qualities of lust and limerence that I could get into but I feel like I've elaborated enough on this.

3. Don't look for authority figures for guidance. Find your own perceptions and identity in regards to yourself and everything around you. Besides people are fallible and easily succumb to corruption. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." -Lord Acton.

4. This next one is rough.. It really depends on who you ask. I honestly don't have the time to give a detailed answer to this in one comment. Part of the question seems to go back to your first question. Asserting that things are fixed and stagnant. This line of thinking

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is dangerous because it purports to a predetermined mentality, like the contention of the Nature vs. Nurture concepts used in genetics. Much of what you are and what you will be is developed by environmental stimulus. okay.. I'm stopping myself.. Next question.
5. Love., really is quite a loose term. You've got platonic, parental, lust, limerence, pragmatic etc. and they all have their own functions and intensities. Whether they are dependent on control is relative to the individual relationship.
6. There is still a birth rate and a death rate and until there is some catastrophic event or epidemic, the machine will keep turning. Why live? Well, we can only speak for ourselves on that question.
I care :D

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Well it's definitely something to think about, why are we here..

I think we're here for a reason, I think everyone subconciously knows what that reason is, and a certain chain of events occure until that realization of what our true purpose is realized. But with the way todays society is ran, it's hard to do. Society has us too caught up on apperance, jobs, school; material things, and those material things control us. You have to have a job so you can have money, so you can have a car, a house, nice clothes. ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE A THING OF THE 21st CENTURY. We're all spiritual beings, with a purpose, the souls journey of evolution, we're here for experience and growing of our souls. If you want to realize what your life is, distance yourself from the way society is ran. We are slaves with an illusion of freedom, we go to school; if we don't we won't get a decent job, those who do go to school and get a job live paycheck by paycheck each week. we're slaves. When I am prepared enough I am back packing across america, living in the wild, living the way man is intended to, surviving off the land.

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In religion, it's dangerous to mold one's self after an authority figure. They are human too. I made the mistake of thinking they spoke for God, and when they hurt me emotionally, I thought they were speaking for God then too. Until I figured out that God was teaching me that they can be wrong too.

The best thing to do is get a Bible and read it (NIV version is easiest to read while being accurate too). I started by playing this game--you ask God a question, then put your finger in a random place in the Bible for the answer. At first it worked, then it stopped; God wanted me to read everything he wrote.

He has a plan for your life; you are special to Him and He loves you--He died for you. When I first began accepting my abuse, I was angry at God. I mean, He can do anything right? Why didn't He stop it? After I finished my emotional outburst, I was watching the movie Maddea Goes to Jail--the part where the man is crying because his friend was raped and he didn't stop it. It just seemed like God was speaking to me through it, and then I remembered some things I had read in the Bible about free will and authority that I understood and so knew it wasn't what He wanted for me. The best thing I have ever done for myself was read the Bible.

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Religion destroys spirituality, don't read the Bible.
I believe that we are a part of God, like a drop of water is part of the ocean. Thus making every living thing in the universe God, looking at itself from different prespectives.
There is only good and bad inside of us, there isn't a heaven or hell. Just different levels of conciousness, lower levels is what you would refer to as hell, high levels you would call heaven. If you lived a good life, you're rewarded; if you lived a bad life; you're not rewarded and maybe you relive the life until you get it right or you drop levels of conciousness. You can't just live one life, and decided by that one life if you are a good or a bad person. I think Christianity is just a comfort for the unknown. If you say one man created the universe and everything in it, it takes away all the possiblities of life. You live in fear, I'm sinning, I shouldn't be doing this, when really all you need to do is love yourself and love others and appreciate the life you have. I do believe there is a god, I just think Christianity is garbadge. Every other religion, except christianity, you should look into and check out and see which one feels the best.

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Have you read the Bible?
How has it destroyed your spirituality?
It's not about fear at all--in fact, it's the opposite; my fear has been destroyed. I've overcome panic attacks following what the Bible says. I'd be dead today--literally--without Christ.
Everyone is free to choose their own religion. But it shouldn't be done blindly or with bias.
I was simply sharing my life experience--this is supposed to be a safe and supportive place for that. And you have to talk bad about something I care deeply about and that has helped me? You can't share the positive aspects of your belief without trying to belittle mine?

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I'll offer witness to that, I've lived it and I know for sure what you say is true. (:

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1) you were a gift given to earth and yes, you didn't get to pick the stuff that was handed to you

2)ppl like you for your functions, they don't love you for them. The people that love you unconditionally love you and seek no beneficial actions from you to justify that love...they just want to see that you are happy and okay

3)yes it's the fear of not being eternally present in heaven, but it's not about better or worse...the authority figures guide you btw right and be good to each other and treat one another in loving kindness

4) you do have your own life and desires, wants and needs, but you are not trapped in a world you don't has different significant meanings...there's always the subject of your own free will...if you have free will then how are you trapped?

5)'s about care, compassion and trust...not molding

6) b/c no one else feels trapped and to better help people like you that don't understand things like "love"

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I don't know

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I care and love you i imagine itd be easier discuss this in message if you want you make some very intersting points that make me think

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