I have a dream that I was shoot that a stray bullet hit me on head. I was in heaven but the man met me and said it is not yet your time. I woke up and I noticed some bullet hole in the ceiling of my room and beside my bed is a bullet. It is unbelievable but its true, I still have the marking of the bullet on the ceiling of my room but I loose the bullet, but I remember that I put in a box and marked it this change my life. I wanted to talk to this to friend, but they just told me, you meant to be alive. Please help me to understand...
niftypiece niftypiece 41-45, M 1 Answer Dec 23, 2013 in Memories

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Who's to say our dream life isn't as real as our life while we are awake? I guess your dream life is more exciting than your real one!

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