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The Republican primaries have been the hot topic right now. Basically Mitt Romney has been a clear first or second the entire time with a series of candidates coming up against him and failing. Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich all enjoyed surges of popularity before faltering. However, Newt has recovered.

Iowa was effectively a tie between Romney and Santorum with Santorum eeking a win.

Romney picked up New Hampshire handily

Gingrich made a huge comeback and took South Carolina.

Ron Paul has showed strong but hasn't won anything, and is a long shot at the best of times.

So currently its either Gingrich or Romney as the Republican candidate.

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Ginger Newtrich charmed the evangelicals with his hate talk and won south carolina.

Mittney Romker pays less tax than a cleaner and is still bound to win the nomination cos he looks most like a cowboy.

The rest have given up.

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HHHHHHHHHH What a funny news!
Peza I think if you were a reporter, no one would have missed the news!

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Forget what they're saying, it doesn't matter. The Republican candidates are busy throwing mud and lying through their teeth to simply remain relevant. Ultimately, it will be either Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich squaring off against Obama, and I don't believe either of the 2 can win in the actually presidential debates against him. They seem to have no concept of YouTube or recorded audio. They appear to think that what they said yesterday is instantly forgotten, their stances on everything will change depending on which crowd they're talking to, and that will ultimately be their undoing. We're going to see Obama for 4 more years, and that's not even on his own merits, that's simply because the opposition cannot answer any poignant questions properly with any real discernible answers that make any kind of semblance of sense.

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Fast forward to the current (usual) SNAFU: The half-breed beat the Mormon. Guess no regular people are involved anymore.

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Neck & neck ahead of next week;s GOP Convention

Tripical storm Isaac will become a hurricane on Thursday & may head to Tampa

If so, convention will be cancelled

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The "Party of No Ideas" and the "Party of Dumb Ideas" are both in a tie for stupid. The only thing more ridiculous than the Republican campaigns thus far is Obama's presidency. Obama's got nothing but class warfare to tout, since everything else he's touched has turn to poo. Romney's got business sense and is a terrible politician. Wait, we don't like politicians, do we? Gingrich is a great politician that will rock the boat just enough to keep Republicans out of the white house for 8 years after if he's elected. Ron Paul has great ideas but no one's willing to take that leap, as that would mean fewer votes for the guy you would rather see win over the guy you hate.

In short, it's an organized train wreck. God bless America!

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