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Today i went for shopping with my gf.she bought a pair of very beautiful . But the earrings are too much heavy.a single earring weighs nearby 75gm. I am afraid that if she wears them.she'll definitely lose her earlobes.plz suggest me how to convince her.she is a 21yr girl who is realy mad about heavy earrings
Rajmlhtr766 Rajmlhtr766 22-25, M 9 Answers Apr 22, 2012

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Aren't you the freak that asked: "How can i convince my girlfriend to let me stab a small knife in her navel?"- I think she's right to disregard everything you have to say

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Show her some pictures or sculptures of those chinese Budda priests. The ones that have the extremely long earlobes hanging down to their shoulders. Seriously that is how they deform their ears...they wear heavy ear rings and the weight stretches the ear lobe

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