I have problems in my teeth and all are in a very bad situation and some is not my real (its crowns that look like teeth ) and Intel now my Husband dont know about it and i need to fix it i have alot of pain and infection but i cant coz of money issue but he have so i dont know should i tell him ? Or he Will hate me ? Plzzz help
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When you marry someone you marry them because you love that person. It should have nothing to do with if you have crowns on your teeth. Have a little faith in your husband.

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Yes i have and i really tried and i Told him before but he thoughts am kidding or just need money but this is real and it Will cost him alot and am afraid if he gonna accept and wat the right way to let him know ?

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I am sorry I do not mean to pry into your life but your the one who wrote.

If you need money for anything what is the problem ?

You should not have to pretend anything. Even if no money you both share your last.

You should not have to ask your husband for money your married he should be giving a regular income for food groceries etc.

Even if he is a scrooge. If he has money problems he can explain to his debtors the situation if he fronts up they will give him time to pay.

If no money at all go to welfare your in London in England they have a welfare system.

The hospitals or clinics will not leave you on a waiting list if as urgent as you say.

For the simple reason your in severe pain and by law not allowed to do that.

And also the poison entering your body could end up doing you serious harm too.

Something does not sound right to me
I am sorry. If wrong please explain further and will take back what I have written


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dental work is obviously expensive.

i hope you have private cover because most public benefit systems

will have you on a waiting list for years.

where i'm from they will treat you for free if it;'s an emergency.

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just tell honest...this is not something you can hide forever...and am sure he will understand and be willing to help you deal with this...

take care...

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I really hope if its that easy :)

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I am not sure whether its easy or hard...but seems like the correct thing to do given the situation...
how many days do you think you can go without taking care of this problem?

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Its already long time if wait And just hiding the infection with alot of medicines but can be more that one month wait !!! Just panic

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exactly my point...take him to the doctor along with you and let him figure out that you are in pain for real...

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Ok this is wat i Will do am just hoping he Will not hate me after or like when we r in fight say it to me u know !! So i Will go for it pray for me thank you so much

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take sure everything will work out fine...:)
will pray for you...

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thanks for the BA :)

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if i were you i would go eat pizza then tell him in public so he doesnt blow up. Hopefully on the ride home he is already calmed down.

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