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Purchase a copy of a magazine called "The Writer's Digest". There are many advertisements, etc. throughout the mag that you will find very helpful in who to contact, and what to do in regards to getting things sold, and published. They quite frequently run contests that allow you the opportunity to showcase your work, and if it's good enough, to win some rather large cash prizes.

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Is that an American thing do not remember seeing it here. I would not mind trying that myself.


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There are also books that list publishers and guidelines for submissions. Ask at your local library, and the librarian should be able to direct you to these books. They are generally rereleased each year.

You might also try magazines like "Writers Digest" and "Poetry Digest". They contain information about becoming a published writer.

Good luck!

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COPYWRITE them,and send them to every publisher that you can find

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Try Glimmer Train

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