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I prefer books, but I also find that tutorials and some info on the net, especially the tutorials on youtube are really helpful.

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No expense for buying books and preserving them.

Capacity greater than all huge libraries.

More easily to make reference and quoting.

More convenient for translating, classifying, rereading.

Convenient in intereaction with various softwares

through various gadgets.

Sharing quite easily without expense.

And lots of more conveniences on the Internet

concerning education, making friends, exchanging views...

All these and other good things are only at the cost of a


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woman in the picture, is your name rita?

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Books. I study by net and I do not like it.

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I have a really short attention span so I like to learn from the net, especially from academic journals. Plus, it allows me to gather a greater variety of perspectives rather than just the one dictated by a single book.

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Find it easier to lose my sentence using books, or get distracted.

A screen just sucks me in everytime :)

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I like both.

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