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It was reported in 2013 October that Heather Zichal, the climate change advisor and energy advisor in the USA, is giving up her position. I believe that she was overworked due to understaffing, and could therefore not keep up in the long term with progress and ideas in the rest of the world. President Obama this year expressed a hope that the USA would lead the world on climate change action, but China continues to be well ahead on the climate change front, with 25,000 of the world's 50,000 largest dams storing water for climate change droughts, and a "great green wall" of tree belts to slow global warming desertification in China. This year in 2013, China has built the world's fastest computer, Tianhe-2, with enhancements for climate change calculations, and is now experimenting with a atomic reactor that according to "could enable thorium to be used much more safely than uranium", ultimately better enabling atomic power to reduce worldwide carbon use.
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I heard she couldn't stand the heat, so she got out of the global climate business.

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I got a good laugh out of that "couldn't stand the heat" joke. For speakers of English as a foreign language, I will explain double meaning of the joke. One meaning of course is that climate change is causing more heat on our planet Earth. The other meaning is that in English the phrase "can't stand the heat" is an idiom or expression meaning "can't stand the politics involved". Not known to many non-English speakers, debate still goes on in the USA on whether global warming is a myth, and as such there is still a lot of political harassment from those members of Congress who have declared in the last 10 years that global warming is very possibly a myth. Such harassment includes understaffing, meaning that Communist China has attained an enormous lead in defending against climate changes, as well as a lead in technology for reducing carbon footprint.

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