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They are the same place at 60 as they were at 20.

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Pros - Guys won't be drooling over you simply because you have big breasts. No back pain. Less of a chance of a wardrobe malfunction.

Cons - Shallow guys won't be interested in you.

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That sounds like a pro, I think the only real con of smaller cup sizes is you cant have ***** sex.

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I was being facetious with that con.

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You can always just whack em with your d!ck... So although it not the same as big ***** sex they still have lots to offer :p

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Mostly pros.

You have no back pain.

You don't need super expensive bras for exercising.

They don't hurt or get in the way when exercising.

Clothes fit you.

Guys don't stare at your breasts instead of your eyes.

They don't get saggy when you get older...

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-They dont get in the way

-Some guys like small boobs (not kidding, more than you think)

-Less sagging long term

-No need for a bra :)


-Self-esteem issues

-Nothing to bounce

-Many guys dont like small boobs

But it really depends on what you mean by "Small" Where do you put the cut-off point for small boobs?

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Not rhetorical, where do you put the cut-off point for "small" boobs?

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Why do you want to CUT off people's boobs???? 😜

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Im talking cup size, at what cup size do they become "small" breasts?

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pro- no or less sagging as you age

con - they're small. If they're too small it looks underdeveloped.

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no cons what so ever

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Personally, i prefer A & B cups.

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Just accept what you have and your confidence in yourself is what the good guys want :)

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Pros - running isn't painful and small boobs look/fit better in cute bras. Not many cons.

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Pro-No back pain

Con-No Attention

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no cons...all pro

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The pro of having a small breast is that you can eat more chicken later on.

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