As someone who calls their other "daddy," I sorta can explain what it means, to me at least.<br />
I have come to the understanding that I am someone who has a more submissive personality.<br />
Note: this doesn't mean I'm a pushover, or am less of a woman. I still sass and like to choose and have great self confidence.<br />
However, it means I like direction, and structure.<br />
By calling my other "daddy" or "master," it's saying, I want you to take control right now, because I trust and love you.<br />
It's a sexy thing, and it shows how much you're willing to give yourself to a person. <br />
To me, daddy does not equate to "father." I personally have never called my dad, "daddy."<br />
So the two are not equal.<br />
"Daddy" is a caregiver, a protector and someone who makes me feel safe and loved.<br />
Yes, these are characteristics that my dad may also share, but it's natural for a woman to seek this in all relationships, not only just sexual ones.<br />
Anywho, I hope this clarifies a bit!

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