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This is reguarding a lot of the replies from the question about the18 yr old girl and the 31 yr old guy. A lot of people seem to think they have nothing in common or the 31 yr old guy must be pretty lame if he has the personality of a teen ager. You guys are pretty narrow minded. And you're all brainwashed into thinking that a person has to act a certain way at a certain age. An 18 yr old and 31 yr old can like the same music. Both can like horror movies. Both can like dancing, both can like exercise, both can like bowling, the Madman TV God there is no end to the list , Not sure who told you people that you have to be the same age in order to have anything in common. If you believe that then you must be a dull person that does nothing but reminiss about the good old days Because that would be the only thing you couldn't have in common..
BennDover BennDover 46-50, M 2 Answers Aug 19, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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Because they're small minded, envious morons. The guys are envious because they wish THEY could pull an 18 year old, and women are catty because they know that the younger girls still have their beauty and nice personalities (generally....), and therefor are the prime competition. And they simply can't compete. <br />
<br />
Who gives a fig what the haters say? They're not the ones living the situation, so they can **** right up a rope.

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