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My wife used to like me to pee on her ***** but it usually led quickly to full sex. She wanted me to pee in her but I got too hard to let go. She was very kinky sometimes and I miss her now we are divorced.

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I would sock a guy in his **** if he tried peeing on me, female *********** is not pee.... you need to get your facts straight.... maybe read up on it

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I can't believe your drawing that analogy. The correct analogy is male *********** and female ***********, and certainly a lot of women enjoy male *********** according to their online comments. They like feeling their sexiness brought it about.

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I can anly assume that you mean the female ***********? Female ********* is not urine, so I don't really know where men urinating on women comes into the equation in the way you put it over; it isn't returning the act because both acts are totally different.

(I assume you know what the female ejaculations it?)


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