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Stretch1969 Stretch1969 41-45, M 3 Answers Oct 2, 2010

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XS are truly the best I have seen. Not only for people with diabetes, but for anyone who drinks energy drinks. You can truly see a difference when you see the most popular drink beside XS. I got on such a health kick I decided to start selling it and some other products. XS is sold by Amway. If you purchase products from my site, you are more likely to get benefits such as promotions. If anyone who reads this thread is interested, please let me know. Thanks :)

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The healthiest, but it's still not great, is SOBE Zero in my opinion. They have one that is labeled "energy" I don't know how useful it actually is.

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Yes! The best energy drinks are XS. There are more than twelve flavors- all sugar free. XS also has some drinks that are caffeine free. Mostly I think they're the best because they are low in carbs, sugar free, have few calories, and don't taste awful like most energy drinks. Here is the website if you want to check out what they offer.<br />

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