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About 4 weeks after the interview, i received an offer - great! Was told the company was offering me a position but I had to wait until a security clearance on me was complete before I could get my contract (police check if you like, which began aroud the time of the interview). I did get a written confirmation that I did get the job. Now I found out a few days ago that I am fully cleared on the security clearance but the recruitment agency cannot send me the contract until they receive the security clearance certificate from the company. Until then I cannot get my contract. Thats fair enough. But why is it taking so long to get the certificate over to the recruitment agency? I was told there were no problems etc. I really want to get into the company and get started in the new job but why is it taking so long? Any ideas?
BondGirl84 BondGirl84 31-35, F 2 Answers Jun 18, 2012

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7 weeks is nothing for paperwork. The Personnel dept. probably doesn't bother to look at stuff for a month, and then take a month, and then another month for the supervisor to sign it. I've known companies where new hires had to go get another job to survive while waiting for the paperwork to process.

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yea suppose ur right.... Personel do take forever! I am in a job at the min, i took the offer for a change of scene, but just getting impatient now! Thanks tho!

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Don't just wait for them to call you, put in more applications in other places.

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