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Republicans like to lie to Republican-minded voters just to get their votes but in reality, they are the ones who made land prices so expensive and property taxes so exorbitant. See,this way, they can make sure the only ones who have enough money to buy and keep land are the good ol boy elite. In this way, they ensure that they keep out the middle class and poor.
Studmuffin11 Studmuffin11 36-40, M 9 Answers Apr 6, 2013 in Community

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.............Are you really 36-40? Because I figured out their bait and switch technique when Bush got elected. And I was 14.

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I think both parties are the same now days! Are they Talking then they are telling untruth or only part truth:-)

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It's so very ironic because the Repubs are the ones who have almost no respect for the middle class. They think of them as slacker losers. Yet they have figured out how to appeal to them by emphasizing social issues - they are manipulating them and the middle class doesn't even see it. The whole time they are screwing them by cutting taxes for the rich and sticking it to the average person. Duh! Wake up middle class Repubs!

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