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If everyone who looks at you doesn't look at you the same way. People respond to you differently due to family members and ex friends humiliating or discrediting your right to a certain amount of respect from others Strangers neighbors people you thought knew you and respected you more than they show you now. People talking about your very private and dark issues as if you are complete garbage not worthy or even retarded You see judgement in the eyes of everyone. People just don't react the same towards you. You have isolated yourself from people who's characters are bound to hurt or betray you. You trust absolutely no one because the reality is people around you loved ones and hated. Think the complete worst in you. Failure , public humiliation, discrediting and verbal abuse when no witnesses are around. These people have no remorse have tried breaking you at your weakest succeeded in humiliating and shaming you. Now you get mental strain and anxiety attacks encountering anyone?
bedriddenbeauty bedriddenbeauty 26-30, F 2 Answers May 27, 2014 in Community

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what color panties u r wearing today?

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Sometimes learning not to give a **** is an acquired skill.

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