Men are simple. We dont ask for much. We don’t care if you drive a sports car. We don’t expect you to climb the soul-killing corporate ladder. We don’t give a flying fig if you went to grad school. We don’t suddenly lose our interest if you happen to get overly affectionate. We don’t burden you with demands for more commitment or drill you for opinions about how our butts look in these jeans. All we ask is you dont turn into a fat cow. Men, you can help your lover stay thin by keeping her the hell away from her fat girl friends. Her fat friends will infect her with their fat disease, through some poorly understood mechanism of ''friendship'', they will brainwash a girl against her man and turn her into a ham-shaped self-entitled manatee
jasonop1 jasonop1 16-17, M 2 Answers Mar 3 in Dating & Relationships

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