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When you consider the years and the hours of work that are put into working from a rough age of 18 through to 65... and the goods and services that are produced in that time by an average worker. There is a very large gap between what you can actually afford and what you recieve compared to your productivity. Whether it be through government tax, inflation, bank interest or just plain corporate profit/greed.... the money just constantly filters it's way to the top and the rest is left with roughly 47 years of life in service to someone else in order to survive and keep a small standard of living. In barter days... items had value on the basis of labour and scarcity plus need. So at least your labour or time lost in making something was repaid by somebody elses labour. No profit for a company... and no interest through money.. no middle man.... and an equal exchange of value. Is there a solution for the current economic world? Any alternatives ect...
AtleastImHonest AtleastImHonest 31-35, M 4 Answers Nov 6, 2011

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Don't get me started! We live in a world of CORPORATE GREED.... where individuals are paying themselves huge amounts of money - our money! It beats me and I cannot imagine what the hell does anyone want with all that money they pay themselves - the minions are left to struggle on. without a hope in hell of improving their standard of living at any point in our lives... the definition of this is slavery. The workers of the world need to unite to stop this crazy imbalance.

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Suggest 70 be the average age for retirement,<br />
but earlier if health or family circumstances demand it, <br />
but should be allowed that any worker can keep working <br />
as long as they are healthy in mind and body, <br />
and can do the job as well as average others.

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I became a grant writer. This works with everything about me,who I am, how I want to live now and in the future and I only choose non profits whose values fit with mine. The money isn't terribly regular (as an independent contractor) but when it pays. And I can do it as long as I have my mental faculties til 90 or beyond!

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