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In response to your question about perversions I answered: There are a lot of things that are very disrespectful here including the per***sions. I am seriously considering leaving this site. I may cringe at the per***ted subjects being discussed but what bothers me more are the hatemongers. thewildchild2 Me 26-30, F 21 mins ago Your reply: If you are calling me a hatemonger? Thank you for the complement There is no reason why human being have to act worse then animals. Sodom and Gormrrah was destroyed thousands of years ago for the same filth and worse. WHO TOLD YOU I WAS REFERRING TO YOU AS THE HATEMONGER? AND YOU BLOCKED ME WITHOUT CLARIFYING IT WITH ME LIKE A COWARD? IF THIS IS THE WAY YOU DEAL WITH THINGS ON A PUBLIC FORUM, I WONDER WHAT YOU DO WITH PEOPLE AROUND YOU. YOU ARE NOT FIT TO BE AN ADULT. SEEK HELP.
ash3426 ash3426 26-30, F 5 Answers May 22, 2014 in Community

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no way.... i was thinking of booking a weekend in sodom.... when did it get destroyed?

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