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freespirtXoXo freespirtXoXo 18-21, F 3 Answers Aug 4, 2014 in Health

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you're wasting precious moments of your own happiness being obsessed over someone else's life; why would you torment yourself like that. stop obsessing and start creating your own happiness.

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Detach from that person. Stop asking about her life, stop asking about it, and stop checking up. Find other interests.

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You are your own happiness...basing your happiness on someone else is giving them power over you and your emotions which is pretty dangerous...
This is a very important time in your life...being single...being comfortable with yourself is the first step to maturity...
stop yourself when you start thinking of your ex by having something to put on your earphones and play music that will get you to sing or dance...if that doesn't help try going outside in nature...soak in the sun, think about the important people in your life and what you can do to brighten up their day...I assure you that will brighten up your day!! stay blessed =)

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