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Rip 1080p Blu-ray movies to 720p MKV with lossless audio for playback on Windows media player Description: From this article, you can learn how to keep 1080p Blu-ray movies to 720p MKV on hard drive for playback on media player with lossless audio. I used to think that I could play my Blu-ray movies on my media player. But when I have a try by myself, it shows that I was wrong. After did some research and I found something. Take Windows media player as an example, Windows media player is capable of playing all types of media. However, many video formats, such as Blu-ray, are proprietary and typically require a royalty payment in the form of a license to its owner. In order for Microsoft to include support for Blu-ray discs, it would have to pay Sony a royalty, which would likely mean passing on that cost to consumers. Instead, Microsoft chooses to let the consumer decide on whether to pay to use Blu-ray technology.
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