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Jack and Rose

They are better because they took thier time the relationship way. They got to know each other before they went out as boyfrien and girlfriend. But Romeo and Juliet rushed into. They did not get to know each other at all. All they did was meet and get married and did what married couples do.And they let love kill them easy and quick.

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Romeo and Juliet is basically validating people being complete selfish idiots, risking threatening the tenuous peace of fair verona just to get a bit of nookie, forcing the capulets and montagues to escelate blood feuds, and then killing themselves. Selfish and idiotic. People doing idiotic things in the name of 'love' doesnt make it somehow noble and awwwwwww-inspiring, it just makes it idiotic.

And as for Jack and Rose well, whatever floats their boat.

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Im not sure I think both.I chose Jack and rose because they loved each other alot and even though she watched him die she always carried the memory of him around until she died and beyond.I also chose romeo and juliet because they loved each other so much they were willing and did die for each other.I hope this made scence.

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romeo and juliet i child hood was to much like with my first girl friend. but i like jack and rose titanic because romance at sea is the best way my niece was marryed at a farry.

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