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These beautiful prehistoric animals are being slaughtered and poached in their hundreds for their horn which is ground up as an aphrodisiac . By 2020 , at the present rate , the African rhino will be extinct . Perhaps we should , through using 3 D printing and powdered bovine horn paste , recreate artificial rhino horn and flood the Asian markets with fake Rhino horn thereby making the slaughter on these majestic creatures not worth while . It is so sad to hear the high pitched crying of this massive creature dying . And then some puny human stands on top of this massive mountain of wasted flesh for a photograph .
saphireblue saphireblue 46-50, M 3 Answers Nov 14, 2012 in Community

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Sure . I saw there was a slip on the "H" . The syndicate in question started off buying lion bones considered as medicinal too . The syndicate bribed game farmers to hunt rhino for trophies and used Thai prostitutes to apply for the permits . Once killed , the whole rhino is discarded and only the horn is taken . However , the Thai national who arranged everything locally has now been sentenced to 40 years in jail . His South African accomplices were released due to lack of evidence . However , last nights secret video clearly shows the South African game farmers doing the actual killing and the massive amounts of money changing hands . Here's to hoping that the South African national prosecuting authority will reverse the decision , prosecute the game farmers and confiscate their animals and farms .

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Yes but we people to destroy the trade . I for one wonder why we do not simply powder up cow horn and flood the markets with it as rhino horn . Another concept is to develop a print paste using bovine horn and the using 3 d printing , manufacture fake rhino horn . # d printing is able to recreate objects identical to the original in plastics , metals etc by layer printing . Simply cat scan a horn and print out fakes in 3 d !

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The are doing this to elephants too.

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