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I am in a loving relationship and am happy with my wonderful amazing man i am building life with. For the last few weeks i have had erottic thoughts of him being naked in front of other women. This makes me incredibly horny, but at the same time i feel overcome with jealousy as well. We have talked about it. And here i am on EP hoping to get some sort of insight to others who have or are in similar situations as me.
MoniqueTailor MoniqueTailor 26-30, F 1 Answer Jun 8, 2013 in Intimacy

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It's normal and trust me nothing to feel awkward about. It may just be you deciding he's worth your effort if other women would want him means you feel very lucky to have him maybe? He obviously "does it for you"?

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, i feel a bit better knowing that i don't have to feel awkward about this whole situation. He absolutely does it for me, he's delicious. And i do think that what you said is one of the reasons why it intrigues me, I know other women think my man is good looking and have even told me themselves, and i feel proud, he's a beautiful creature and we are dynamite together. The more i think about it, the more i think there's no way i can share him. But, lets see how i feel about this tomorrow.

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