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Is this an allegory for the Ann Romney FX on OB'Jabberer Bungling Barry's debacle?

Watch Carole Lombard classic horror thriller, Supernatural 1933 free online

It's a groundbreaker that began that genre & has had many imitators

She played a woman possessed by the spirit of notorious serial strangler Ruth Rogen, who was executed for choking 4 ex-lovers to death with her bare hands, laughing maniacally

Slo-mo melodratic finger twitching hands opening & closing as her crazy eyes lasred men's throat pulses, as her hands were drawn to them like a magnet ...

It was the first femme fatale serial killer on film & audiences found it truly terrifying

Filming ended 80 yrs ago

& it's still spine chilling

In one famous scene, she snogged a potential victim as her hands began running soft, subtle squeezes from his hands .. up his arms .. to his now relaxed shoulders ... & just as she was about to crush his throat, someone walked in on them - making her so furious that she absolutely flew to his throat, yelling, "I'm going to kill you!"

He slowly sank to his knees until ...

& as for the one on Loveboat, as she sneaked up behind a dopey dupe while he poured drinks, her hands slowly reaching up & adjusting to the shape of the neck she was about to seize & squeeze, he suddenly turned round ...

when she lay langourously on the chaise longue, beckoning the chattering chap to join her by opening her arms wide, arching her bacl & writhing so that her hem slid further & further up her thigh, he didn't see that the open hands switched from vertical to horizontal, moving to throat level & twitching in anticipation of making Close Encounters Of The Oh Mt Word Kind ...

There was a gripping 10-min highlights video on youtube, but it was deleted for coopyright infringement

Or did Carole posthumously throttle the bottle outa da video producer?

For more throat clutching episodes ...

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Yeah, I really like it when someone takes the bull by the horns and jumps into the deep end of the pool....

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cross sensual metaphors wake the mind to greater insight

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I literally go to the moon over such things


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