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I went to a topless beach in Spain with my friend's mom and dad. We are neighbors and very close. My friend's mom is beautiful. First day she was with her clothes but then, said jokingly, "What happens at the beach, ends at the beach. You are a big boy so can take off my clothes now." She took it off and she has nice breasts. It was like thunder had hit me. She played badminton topless and we even poured tomato sauce on each other with her husband. First when I was uneasy, she said to feel relaxed as its a beach but leave everything at the beach when we return. I even hooked her bra and she discussed about her bra to me. She is not flirting but maybe teasing me. But when I was at her house, she was well dressed and even when bending she tried to avoid showing me cleavage even though I have seen her topless. She realized I was remembering and again said, "Leave the beach there, honey." J**king off that beach memory has become part of life for me now. How could she act so norma
Davkark Davkark 18-21, M 5 Answers Nov 12, 2012 in Affairs

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did you really type all that using just one hand?

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Yes, and you cut-and-pasted this from the earlier question, didn't you? ;)

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gotta wonder how many websites will be carrying the story by the end of the day

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